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Discourse is deprived of the mediations which are the stages of the process of cognition and cognitive evaluation.It seems unwarranted to assume that the recipients believe, or are made to believe, what they are being told.We must use the same terms for describing our automobiles, foods and furniture, colleagues and competitors-and we understand each other perfectly.The very notion of an objective substance, pitted against the subject, seems to disintegrate.None of the given alternatives is by itself determinate negation unless and until it is consciously seized in order to break the power of intolerable conditions and attain the more rational, more logical conditions rendered possible by the prevailing ones.

Fulfillment is destruction, not in a moral or sociological but in an ontological sense.Even the most highly organized capitalism retains the social need for private appropriation and distribution of the benefits as the regulator of the economy.Formal logic foreshadows the reduction of secondary to primary qualities in which the former become the measurable and controllable properties of physics.However, this dynamic has its inherent limits insofar as the antagonistic character of reality, its explosion in true and untrue modes of existence, appears to be an immutable ontological condition.For example, I have tried to show that, in the technological reality, the object world (including the subjects) is experienced as a world of instrumentalities.

Technical progress and more comfortable living permit the systematic inclusion of libidinal components into the realm of commodity production and exchange.In other words, the criteria for judging a given state of affairs are those offered by (or, since they are those of a well-functioning and firmly established social system, imposed by) the given state of affairs.To formulate the relation between science and society in this war is assuming two separate realms and events that meet each other, namely, (1) science and scientific thought, with their internal concepts and their internal truth, and (2) the use and application of science in the social reality.This is a philosophical development, and in order to elucidate the extent to which it breaks with the tradition, the analysis will have to become increasingly abstract and ideological.

Philosophy envisages the equality of man but, at the same time, it submits to the factual denial of equality.They are rather the ceremonial part of practical behaviorism, its harmless negation, and are quickly digested by the status quo as part of its healthy diet.At the most advanced stage of capitalism, this society is a system of subdued pluralism, in which the competing institutions concur in solidifying the power of the whole over the individual.Moreover, such clarification may well fulfill a therapeutic function, and if philosophy would become therapeutic, it would really come into its own.Under these circumstances, the prospects for a streamlined containment of the centrifugal tendencies depend primarily on the ability of the vested interests to adjust themselves and their economy to the requirements of the Welfare State.Free election of masters does not abolish the masters or the slaves.The traditional images of artistic alienation are indeed romantic in as much as they are in aesthetic incompatibility with the developing society.

Moreover, it remained to a large degree a feudal culture, even when the bourgeois period gave it some of its most lasting formulations.The link between desublimation and technological society can perhaps best be illuminated by discussing the change in the social use of instinctual energy.This contradictory, two-dimensional style of thought is the inner form not only of dialectical logic but of all philosophy which comes to grips with reality.She would have rejected him as part of the order of Yonville which destroyed her.

The past is evoked often enough: be it as the Founding Fathers, or Marx-Engels-Lenin, or as the humble origins of a presidential candidate.Today, the mystifying elements are mastered and employed in productive publicity, propaganda, and politics.It was the total mobilization of the material and mental machinery which did the job and installed its mystifying power over the society.Unlike the rest of us, UPS has already begun to plan ahead for the holiday season. On Monday, UPS announced that it’s raising its shipping rates around Black Friday.The standard of living attained in the most advanced industrial areas is not a suitable model of development if the aim is pacification.

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Torture has been reintroduced as a normal affair, but in a colonial war which takes place at the margin of the civilized world.As a habit of thought outside the scientific and technical language, such reasoning shapes the expression of a specific social and political behaviorism.

On these grounds, there arises a universe of administration in which depressions are controlled and conflicts stabilized by the beneficial effects of growing productivity and threatening nuclear war.But the rationality of this kind of social science appears in a different light if the given society, while remaining the frame of reference, becomes the object of a critical theory which aims at the very structure of this society, present in all particular facts and conditions and determining their place and their function.To be sure, the higher culture was always in contradiction with social reality, and only a privileged minority enjoyed its blessings and represented its ideals.In this attempt, I shall briefly recall the methodological origins of the new rationality, contrasting it with the features of the pre-technological model discussed in the previous chapter.It is the consciousness of the discrepancy between the real and the possible, between the apparent and the authentic truth, and the effort to comprehend and to master this discrepancy.The most powerful, of course, is the danger that preparation for total nuclear war may turn into its realization: the deterrent also serves to deter efforts to eliminate the need for the deterrent.The concept of length is therefore fixed when the operations by which length is measured are fixed: that is, the concept of length involves as much and nothing more than the set of operations by which length is determined.Here functionalization of language helps to repel non-conformist elements from the structure and movement of speech.

This description is of precisely that metaphysical character which positivistic analysis wishes to eliminate by translation, but the translation eliminates that which was to be defined.But even under these abstract assumptions, the brute limits of self-determination must be acknowledged.At the present stage, he is perhaps more powerless over his own apparatus than he ever was before.In this diffusion, however, they become cogs in a culture-machine which remakes their content.It would involve the scientific rationality as a whole, which has thus far been committed to an unfree existence and would mean a new idea of science, of Reason.But it is a very specific ideation, in which the object constitutes itself in a quite practical relation to the subject.They retain their exactness, and are mystifying in their very exactness.

I was in a National Park, and I now know that this was not reality.It insists on the extensive utilization of human labor power in material production, and thus opposes technical progress.For this unfreedom appears neither as irrational nor as political, but rather as submission to the technical apparatus which enlarges the comforts of life and increases the productivity of labor.The prevalence of repressive needs is an accomplished fact, accepted in ignorance and defeat, but a fact that must be undone in the interest of the happy individual as well as all those whose misery is the price of his satisfaction.Granted that the formation of the most abstract scientific concepts still preserves the interrelation between subject and object in a given universe of discourse and action, the link between theoretical and practical reason can be understood in quite different ways.To liberate the imagination so that it can be given all its means of expression presupposes the repression of much that is now free and that perpetuates a repressive society.Relatively new is the general acceptance of these lies by public and private opinion, the suppression of their monstrous content.To be sure, a free society is defined by more, and by more fundamental achievements, than private autonomy.This linguistic form militates against a development of meaning.

Such a domineering and enslaving drive may go together with the quest for human freedom.Then politics would appeal in philosophy, not as a special discipline or object of analysis, nor as a special political philosophy, but as the intent of its concepts to comprehend the unmutilated reality.

In this society, the productive apparatus tends to become totalitarian to the extent to which it determines not only the socially needed occupations, skills, and attitudes, but also individual needs and aspirations.The image of the Welfare State sketched in the preceding paragraphs is that of a historical freak between organized capitalism and socialism, servitude and freedom, totalitarianism and happiness.In the social reality, despite all change, the domination of man by man is still the historical continuum that links pre-technological and technological Reason.To be sure, the technical structure and efficacy of the productive and destructive apparatus has been a major instrumentality for subjecting the population to the established social division of labor throughout the modern period.The machine is embodiment of human labor power, and through it, past labor (dead labor) preserves itself and determines living labor.In order to indicate the disturbing implications of this statement, I submit that such a new direction of technical progress would be the catastrophe of the established direction, not merely the quantitative evolution of the prevailing (scientific and technological) rationality but rather its catastrophic transformation, the emergence of a new idea of Reason, theoretical and practical.In reserving for me a special niche of meaning and significance, you grant me exemption from sanity and reason, but in my view, the madhouse is somewhere else.