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Maier Suchowljansky (1902-1983), better known as Meyer Lansky, a Jew from Grodno, Poland, was the Founder of the National Crime Syndicate, the parent organization of what became the American Mafia.Part of this is their killing of Christmas with death by a thousand cuts.France and Germany are now misled by elected leaders who are anti-American and hypocritical in trying to take over Europe, but they are democracies whose people are capable of changing administrations.Jews hate and work to destroy white western civilization, everywhere and always.A group of blacks then kicked and stomped him, leaving Kime bloodied, unconscious, and ultimately dead.The result is a massive system of race and gender discrimination against White males in order to achieve proportional representation of racial minorities and women.Jews try to prevent this, but are unsuccessful, although Findley does have a hard time finding a publisher because of threats by Jews.

It is estimated that as many as one million Jews died in the revolt against Rome.These pagans had nothing against Christians, but they were quite ready to persecute Jews.

American President William McKinley is assassinated by radical Leon Czolgosz.Israeli soldiers air hardcore porn on Palestinian TV after seizing TV stations.,5936,4049446%255E1702,00.html.

She is convicted of treason and sentenced to fifteen years in jail.Rumania: Anna Pauker, boss in post-war Rumania, is very obviously Jewish and, which is unusual, openly spoken of as such.European-American Unity and Rights Organization (EURO) National President David Duke accepts a federal plea agreement to end a four-year investigation by the US Federal government, under direction of Jew Michael Chertoff. (Cf. November 19, 2002, on Christine Greenwood.).The history of the bellicose jew in world culture is perhaps the most gruesomely fascinating phenomenon a person standing at the beginning of the 21st century may behold.The emperor renounces his crown on November 9, and the Social Democrats proclaim the creation of a socialist republic.

With Lehman and Henry Morgenthau he will for a while be one of the most influential Jews in the United States.The King David Hotel housed the British military command and the British Criminal Investigation Division.

Billionaire currency speculator Jew George Soros initiates a highly leveraged attack against the British pound.Meanwhile in the West Bank city of Hebron, Israelitroops killed two Palestinian men, Diab Shwiki, age 30 and Abed El-Rahim Kik Talhami, 27, when tanks and jeeps invaded the area.An ironic twist of the knife, speaking out against jewish tyranny and social control brings the brunt of it down on you.They demanded that Quid publishers retract the 300,000 copies of its 2003 edition, which had already been sent to stores.If ever there was bald, naked proof that multiculturalism is merely an attack on White culture and nothing more, this is it.Over 20 million Christians died at the hands of Jewish Bolsheviks in the Jewish revolution in the Russia.

Their greatest danger to this country lies in their large ownership and influence in our motion pictures, our press, our radio and our government.All Jews within the party and the state, often seen as one entity, are now referred to as the Yovkom.Bobby Frank Cherry is guilty of murdering four black girls by bombing Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, a Jefferson County jury decided Wednesday.She was the very first victim of the Israeli siege on the West Bank city of Ramallah.

Strangely, Roosevelt does not, instead siding with the Communist mass-murderer Stalin, who has already killed 10 million people.A Federal Office Building in Oklahoma City, OK is destroyed by a truck bomb, killing 168 people and injuring many others, making it the single worst act of terrorism against the U.S. in history.allup&r.dic10th ht01 1st ts1 1st1 1ts1 2nd dn2 2nd1 1dn2 3rd dr3 3rd1 1dr3 4th ht4 4th1 1ht4 5th ht5 5th1 1ht5 6th ht6 6th1 1ht6 7th ht7 7th1 1ht7 8th ht8 8th1 1ht8.The leading gun-banners in Congress are jews: Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, etc.

There were the families of those who had been exiled to the east.A Washington-based human rights group filed a lawsuit against Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, President George Bush, Secretary of State Colin Powell and United States defense contractors as well as some Christian and Jewish organizations that are financially supporting the development of an illegal settlements in the Palestinian Occupied Territories.For newcomers it may seem a timeline of the preposterous itself, a history of the unthinkable, the impossible.Thirteen Jews from the southern Iranian city of Shiraz are arrested and charged with spying.In groups of ten they were marched to the edge, whereupon they were shot and fell into the Yar.

During the famine in Cuenca in 1326, Jewish usurers charaged farmers 40 percent interest on the money they needed to borrow to buy grain for sowing.Since the leases involved monopoly rights, the Jewish tax-farmers could increase the political power of their wealthy patrons, and their own wealth and influence as well, by driving the smaller independent landowners to the wall.

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Explore Carmen Walker's board "Lets Never Forget" on Pinterest. | See more about Crime, Nazi concentration camps and Gestapo.Arranged by Victor Wolzek, Tom Metzger is interviewed live from Fallbrook, California, on The Hal Turner Show.Poland: The Jews Minc, Skryeszewski and Modzelewski are on cabinet level, while Jacob Berman officially is the state undersecretary.Jews conspired to end apartheid in South Africa knowing full-well the loosed and empowered blacks would destroy the country and unleash a terror campaign of murder, rape, robbery, and land theft against whites.Cestius Gallus, the Roman ruler in neighboring Syria, sent in a larger force of soldiers.

The whole purpose of the US military is to protect the United States.Jews have often since tried to ban the play from being performed.Indeed, as of this writing almost 4 decades later (October 7, 2003), Israel is still in violation of over 60 UN resolutions, including resolution 242.

Blog. That’s What My People Do: Facing Prejudice in a 1960s High School. her encounter with the Gestapo following Kristallnacht or the Night of the Broken Glass.Explore Anita Pietkiewicz's board "POLSKA" on Pinterest. Mom's Polish Pumpkin Soup Recipe: Mom's Polish Pumpkin Soup. (LOC) World War II: The.Blumrosen, illegally and unconstitutionally subverted the statutory purpose of the law.Another example of a jew injecting his poison into gentile civilization.