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Believes all perfumes smell the same in a flowery sort of way, yet can tell the brand, type and age of a bottle of motor oil with one sniff.One Day at the Parts Counter By Steve Carter October 2002 The other day I was in a local auto parts store.Drive with your seat far back enough, that a dentist can fill cavities while you travel.Two-dozen or so cornflakes packets glued together also make an ideal new workbench for the garage.When driving around curves, always drive over the line and into the oncoming traffic lane.Wrap your car in masking tape and remove the dirt by simply peeling it off.Ready to Lose Weight? Beyond Diet is the ultimate weight loss system with delicious healthy meal plans.

But raw meat is so much less palatable than the cooked variety.Sticking with hoists, a fella named Homer was removing an engine from a Beetle.Sit in the right lane at a busy intersection, waiting for the lights to change green.

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BEETLE owners: Drill a two-inch hole through your glove box lid.

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And no matter how much of a pig your old high school ride really was, the older you get, the faster it will have been.

The tycoon pulled up alongside, climbed out of his Roller and knocked on the window of the VW.Scientists have yet to develop a hammer that packs the raw banging power of a good sized lump of granite or limestone.I hope your readers might find these suggestions useful. G. Sprake Arnold.When you hear the alarm you must stop reading at once and put the magazine down.

If you have no one to call, hold the phone up to your ear and pretend.If you patch it together with spare nuts or bolts, the puller legs will be either too long or too short.When waiting in line at a set of tollgates, wait until you are at the window before starting to search for your coins.This is why those new-fangled batteries with sealed tops will explode if they get too much smoke in them.14; 104; 179.3K; Gizmodo · Rhett. We’re all clamoring to get into space these days, but lost in our excitement to fly to the Moon and colonize Mars is a brutal.. mods http:www.loc. 813-495-3702 Toll Free 1-866-352-4200 Available 24 Hours A I 7 Days. and be fellowshipped with a delicious Valentine's Day Meal.I always nip inside to the kitchen and pop them inside the cornflakes packet.Notice oil puddle underneath. 33. Race to find adjusting spanner.

MAKE your Passat look like a taxi (from a distance) by sellotaping an old cornflakes packet to the roof.Dixon Shortland, NSW Congratulations to Club Veedub on its 11th birthday, and for the 126 issues of Zeitschrift printed in that time.Freshly prepared and cooked in-store for that irresistible golden. Supercharged Zinger Burger Boxed Meal. Change When you purchase a ‘combo’ meal,.This way traffic cops will be unable to accurately record your speed for any length of time.Will buff through faded but good paint and back to the undercoat faster than hand polishing.Remember to open the engine cover, and invariably passers-by will think you have broken down and help.What a shame to see you dirtying your hands with money from these big greedy commercial organisations.

Indicators are never used when turning corners, as the fact that your car turns is explanation enough. 2. Lanes. The general rule is to drive in any lane you feel like, but to drive fast in the slow lane and slow in the fast lane.Thinks a holiday is a motor wrecking yard tour through two states.Will always be missing the specific spanner, socket or screwdriver you are looking for.Do not open it again until you are given the all-clear signal -The Editor.If this is still not enough, simply add another telephone directory or two.Slicker than pig phlegm, repeated soakings will allow the main hull bolts of the Titanic to be removed by hand.


As they both crawl out of the wreckage they see each other and are attracted to one another immediately.Frank is on holidays in the US when he sees an American Indian lying in the middle of the road, with his ear against the ground, listening intently.When travelling with pets, make sure they sit on your lap with half their body hanging out the window.

There was some damage to the bumpers, mudguards and all four doors of her own and the two adjoining cars, as well as a shop frontage, the concrete kerb, 31 passing buses and two lamp posts.It took a while to wipe his smile As we hurtled through the bends, And my knuckles white, from gripping tight Hurt as much as our rear ends.

Now used as a kind of divining rod to locate expensive Volkswagen parts in the immediate vicinity of the object we are trying to hit.And over the last few days,. 14; 103; 174.5K; Gizmodo · Rhett Jones. BBC News Program Experiences the Most Awkward Glitch. Wednesday 10:07pm. 18; 162; 34.9K.If you are driving a loaded dump truck, or pulling a box trailer, never cover the top.How we laughed at his pitiful attempts to lift the sail out of the water.The heavy artillery of your tool box, vice grips are the only tool designed expressly to fix things that are buggered up beyond repair. 3. Spray Lubricants: A considerably cheaper alternative to new doors, alternator, and other squeaky items.If you see a motor accident you can then pour it over yourself and pretend to be involved.Lucky for Homer he escaped with a lump on the forehead and a damaged fan shroud (and ego).If you are about to have a crash, pump rapidly and the inflated pool will cushion you from injury.When picking up a passenger during the very early morning or late night in a residential neighbourhood, stop in front of the house and honk the horn.

You should bump the kerb at least twice, pull out without warning and then slowly reverse in again, as many times as you feel necessary.Paint long, thin parallel stripes along your VW to give the impression that it is longer than it actually is.For example a few days ago on the MLS I. the goal of the article is not to show that “anyone” can pay off their mortgage in 3 years,. The plans with our.When approaching a bicyclist or parked car in your lane, swerve carelessly into oncoming traffic to go around it.Ideally, when suddenly changing lanes, they should not be used at all.Reverse out, leaving oil tracks. 35. Scatter more kitty litter.Twenty Terrific Tips As submitted to Zeitschrift September 1995 TO avoid losing your car keys, whenever you put them down ring a friend and tell them exactly where you put them.

The wiring loom in your VW carries smoke from one device to another, pumped around the system by the generator, and stored in the battery.However, being a greengrocer I soon found it useful to associate the lights with similar coloured fruits.A telescopic ruler that takes up very little room in the toolbox or overalls pocket.9780101361521 0101361521 The Government's Expenditure Plans 1997. 9780764306730 0764306731 McDonald's Happy Meal. 9780979831935 0979831938 Supercharged.Slip-Joint Combination Pliers: Used to round off bolt heads, crack nuts and make blood blisters on your fingers.Club members may be wondering why go to such extremes for a supply of paper.